Stanley’s Field Trip Discussion

At first, when I saw the illustrator made by Tim O’Brien, it reminds me of the same name that I had read novels from my previous English classes. However, when I researched, Tim O’Brien that made this Illustration is different from the Tim O’Brien that made novels read from my English classes in the past.

Tim O’Brien (The illustrator that made this painting) is an Illustrator and portrait painter. He has an inspiration of pop culture where he infuses into artistic visions that simultaneously reveals strangeness and familiarity. Most of his work is cliented to TIME Magazine, including the painting above. Other clients include from Der Spiegel, TV Guide, New York Magazine, The New York Times, Newsweek, Business Week, and many others. He also designed United States Postage Stamps and won multiple awards in the Society of Illustrators in New York City which he is the president of many illustrators.

In the painting about Trump, the illustrator, Brien created the sense of realism of Trump in the president room while mixing mother nature such as the rain and the floods, creating a cold story of the painting. President Trump has a variety of some colors which shows the Hierarchy that the audience looks at this first and then the flood with the gradients of water, making it realistic as an ocean. The setting is in a rainstorm with dark clouds raining in a 45-degree angle, interpreting that the wind is blowing east, which affects Trump’s Tie, his hair, and papers. The combined sense of realism and the destruction of mother nature affecting realism creates a gloomy story of Trump producing the disaster of the world.

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