Henry Chang – Field Trip Discussion


These works by Rebecca Hendin were done for an editorial series under BBC. “Lost In A System’ is about a drug crisis in UK prisons, and how a son of two parents were startled in post cannabis personalities and growing mental health issues. It’s a grim story and the artist of the editorial, Rebecca Hendin, reflects the concepts using the appropriate color schemes and texture.

The monotone color of teal gives just enough personality to imitate specific shadow colors. The usage of color aside from grayscale is what gives a bit more life to the artwork. Grayscale in itself is an uninteresting, and newspaper like colortone. To at least set a hue gives it more ways to take it than just a sad story. Even while there is a teal tone, it’s not impossible to distinguish what colors are what. The Union Jack flag can still be seen to have a red tone, even under a sea of its counterpart color.

Material wise, the granularity and scratches combined cover the flat surfaces of color, giving texture to the work. Line strokes are varied or non existent to determine distance of the object, which gives varied indication of what shade the object is.

Overall, these pieces are accompanied by grittiness and grain by the stroke, but it works to express the tonality of the work, as well as make good non-simplified detail which is very fit for an online posting. The colortone is right for the expression of the story too.

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