Hello Class-


Some really WONDERFUL work on the Thumbnails for your poster designs.  I am loving the different directions this project is taking!


I am making an important change to what you have due next week, Tuesday the 12th.  Instead of drawing the next stage of the project ( 2-3 Concept Sketches) on your own for homework, please come prepared to WORK IN CLASS on this next stage of the assignment.   This means you should have the following with you:

  • All your thumbnails for in class critique.
  • Reference material for drawings, see below!
  • Tracing paper for helpful draw overs!
  • If you prefer working on your own tablet, feel free to bring it.  We will be working both traditionally and digitally.


  • Create a library of reference images and inspiration for your project.  I recommend using pinterest and creating a many boards as you need to, so that you are organized.
  • In your Sketchbook, DRAW Visual imagery you are likely to use in your project, FROM REFERENCE.  At minimum 4 pages, but the more the better!  For example, if your thumbnails feature lots of water, try drawing waves in your sketchbook from reference photos, and create a pinterest board of both photos of water, and of different ways it had been portrayed by artists you like.

See you guys Tuesday ready to work!




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