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Welcome to COMD 3313 Illustration 1, Basic Principles.

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Narrative Illustration Concept part 1

The fable I chose was Puss in the Boots.

The original story by Giovanni Strapoarola : Puss in boots is a fairy disguised as a cat who was given to Costantino Fortunato, the youngest son of Soriana before she dies. The cat feelings story for Costantino so the cat decides to help him by doing deeds and giving them to the King of Bohemia as gifts from Costantino. The cat sets up a situation where Costantino gets rescued by the king and Costantino gets married to his daughter. Later on Costantino becomes the next king of Bohemia and lived happily ever after with his wife and children.

My version- The family gets kicked out of the royal palace by another clan who takes over the throne. The family becomes poor. Puss in boots is a ninja for Costantino family who goes to fight for the royal palace back and get back the throne for Costantino’s family.

Setting: Takes places in Shinto Era / Samurai and Ninja / in Japan.

Royal Palace, City.

This book is for young adults.


Puss in the boots- orange cat with ninja clothing.

Costantino- The youngest son. Clothes : Kimono

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