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Hi there!

My name is Salome, but people usually call me Sal. I am a young professional with experience in graphic design, advertising, and digital marketing. Currently, I am working on a degree in Communication Design to pursue my lifelong passion in the art of marketing and digital communications.

My fascination with visual communications and the digital world started at the age of 13 when I launched Adobe Photoshop for the first time. I was previously interested in digital photography and the fact that I could modify or completely change the reality of my photos with the help of the program greatly excited me. Over time as I learned more about the importance of visuals and good design, I started reading books about marketing, branding, and color theory. At this point, I had already dropped out as an economics major from University in Bulgaria and was living in New York – one of the most inspiring cities in terms of many things, including great designs & history.

During my first few years in New York, while I was still trying to settle in the city, I was rigorously working in many types of jobs. At the same time, I was focusing on and planning for my goal, which was a formal education in the field of visual communications. Six years after leaving Bulgaria and five years since moving to New York, here I am, pursuing my lifelong passion!

My interest in the field has only gotten stronger with time, and now that I have made it this far, I’m ready to learn as much as possible and enjoy the process of this opportunity as well.

Final Assignment, Part 1 – Sal Mindiashvili

For my final project, I was inspired to choose the story the Ant and the Grasshopper by Aesop ( This fable describes how a hungry grasshopper begs for food from an ant when winter comes and is refused because while the ant was working hard during the fall season preparing for the winter, the grasshopper was playing the violin and did not seem to care about a thing.

The change I will be making to this story is the setting. Instead of some field out in the wild, I will be placing my characters in New York City. The ant will still be a hard working guy and the grasshopper will be the one not planning ahead. The demographic for my proposed book will be children living in New York aged 7-10.

Discussion Week 11 – Sal Mindiashvili

Stories: A Love Letter by Greg Ruth is an interesting piece of writing that explores our innate ability as well as the need to express ourselves through storytelling which she calls the most ubiquitous form of art. He writes that since the beginning of our history as human species, our natural talent to express has been there and has only been gotten more and more complex and diverse as our cultures have evolved.

Since storytelling is such an important and powerful aspect of our social lives so is the illustration. He then asks an important question on what kind of story we want to tell during our time on this planet. I think that this is a good question to ask because the expression of ourselves whether that’s an illustration or a poem, or a book or a film, tends to last longer than ourselves. It’s important to think about leaving something inspiring and useful behind.

Discussion Week 10 – Sal Mindiashvili

For my illustration I decided to go with RGB color model to reinforce the idea of digital world. Since flowers, green leaves and chocolate box that I chose for this illustration are already associated with red and green, the choice of blue as my third color was intentional. I also decided to keep the color of the laptop black – not to take away the emphasis from the rest of the composition.

The focal point of this illustration is the laptop as well as content displayed on the laptop screen and it is placed exactly in the center of this composition. The rose leaves flying out enhance the metaphor of digital vs. physical world. They also add to the overall visual effect of this piece, making the illustration more dynamic.

Altogether, this illustration gives off a cold feeling with all the blues that goes well with the idea of digital love and online dating during COVID-19 pandemic.

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