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Discussion Week 2- Kefin Bryan

This is one of the Pepsi can designs from the Pepsi challenge. I chose this one because of how illustrative and trippie it looks. It’s like when I drink a can of Pepsi looking at this, it feels like I’m drinking a whole lot of inspiration. I’m sorry if it sounds cheesy but that’s just the way things are. However it is a bit too descriptive with its design. The Pepsi logo is still there, but most of the scribbles and other designs on the can are taken away from it at times. Of course the first thing you see when you open your eyes to see the can is the Pepsi logo of course which they succeeded in.

Final Editorial Illustration- Kefin Bryan

My concept for this project is all about snap-judgement. Snap Judgements are hurried and quick decisions and label people use in society to give people roles but not looking into who the person really is. With the article I’ve chosen on the topic, it talks about how people live through day to day life surrounded by people to love to judge others just for the sake of either making people feel bad or if the person doing the judging wants to just be on top of others. People love to just judge books by their cover but not picking up the book and looking into it. This can lead people to being depressed as self doubt since people can even spread rumors on the person they judged.

I drew a dude in a punk outfit with the light shadow of an angel is behind him. I also chose light blue because it is the color of the clear sky and regardless of what he dresses like, he could be the nicest person you could ever meet.

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