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Final Project, Part 1 & 2

The Snow Queen (Danish): This fairy tale was released in late 1844, the author Hans Christian Anderson tells a story about a girl finding her loving friend ‘Kai’ who went missing after the snow wind, not knowing the snow queen took Kai away. Gerda, the protagonist is on a journey to find Kai and return him back to their homeland. The Snow Queen seems to be known for being a great adaption for the Disney movie ‘Frozen’.


Kai gets kidnap by the snow queen.

Gerda stumbles into the castle with the crow where they find the prince and princess.

The angle reveals when Gerda collapses into the heavy snow with her coat and boots lost.

Gerda finds Kai frozen and her tears cleanses his cold heart.


I need to address that for the first approach, my idea was to use the Aquarius constellation as a reference for either describing the appearance and/or characteristics of the snow queen. Another idea is Gerda obtains the blessing of the Aquarius power that rivals the snow queen and/or any evil related. I did mention before that I took a reference from ‘Saint Seiya’ but apparently it was released in 1986 which could risk me through copyright issues, so I decided to book out the Saint Seiya majestic armor reference and stick only with the Aquarius sign since it is related to this theme (cold, breezing, air).

Plan B: As I said before, I want to stick with the Aquarius sign reference, and this time Gerda is blessed by the Aquarius spirit that saved her from freezing when she lost her boots and coat. The Spirit that granted her the blessing warned her when she arrives at the snow queen’s palace, there is yet an evil soul among us and to use her blessing at all cost. Plot twist, Kai turns out to be the evil soul that binds him to hatred, he is known as ‘the Frozen Phantom’. The one shattered piece of mirror, created by the troll, spread by the wind, and landed in his eye was the reason for Kai to become so sinister, and many innocents could’ve been lost if it weren’t for the snow queen to take him as captive.

Character Aspect

The whole idea for these concepts Kai vs Gerda (to put it simple). The first concept is Kai and Gerda facing each other and the snow queen spectating the rumble at her throne. The second seems to be Kai on one knee seeming to have a breakdown and Gerda’s tears down with no sense of emotion (a characteristic trait for Aquarius). I also want to add the snow queen in the middle and treat the path way to her throne seat as a frame to separate Gerda and Kai.

Discussion week 11 – Elliot Vidalon

I want to stick around the zodiac signs (constellation signs) but if they were characters and/or based on their identities, how would they interact with one another based on what sign is neighbors. For instance, my first thought would be the folktale of the Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. These four signs are neighbors from each other and I think this is a perfect platform for me to reimagine the action characters. My first thought for the theme is a comedy genre because I could imagine the Aries and Taurus dashing toward the front view, one Gemini riding on the Aries and the other being railed by the bull. I think one consideration is the use of violent content being exposed to the viewer but I think most importantly it illustrates the metaphor on how these four characters interact with one another based on its characteristic traits.

I also had another idea by taking Elsa, from Frozen and mixing with Camus of Aquarius, from Saint Seiya. I thought this could also be an interesting mash-up because these two characters have a similar trait based on their powers, which is ice. I could image Elsa wearing the golden saint armor of Aquarius and the setting to be a huge cold empty arena filled with shape ice. This could be a possible approach however one of the downfalls for this idea is her date of birth and according to the Google research, she is born on December 21-22 which identifies her as either (between) late Sagittarius and/or early Capricorn. It is nowhere near Aquarius, but maybe I could add a bow arrow and a sword of her hold, just to refer to her actual sign, or I could just let it be.

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