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Sketchbook Week 11- Alexander Cruz

I chose to take the story of the 3 Little pigs and add a horror aspect to it. I took a lot of inspiration and reference from thriller movies. The story of the little pigs has been reinvented many times and has had it’s dark twisted renditions but I wanted to retell it in a serial killer story. The killer being the wolf of course and the 3 little pigs being campers. No good horror film or story has a lively background, so my drawings will take place during the night time to add to the spooky elements. I will also be including things like evil trees, a dark unsettling moon, and I am still debating on some of the locations I would like to display.

My color palette will focus on colors that represent night/dark. It will consist on colors that are more “cold”, so lots of black, purple, dark, blue, etc. I don’t want to use to many bright colors because I want my final to give it’s viewers a sense of suspense.

In terms of the pigs and wolf. I had lots of ideas I wanted to explore. For example, instead of having actual animals (pig and wolf) I thought about having them be actual people but with pig masks and a wolf mask. I thought about being realistic and having them be normal animals, walking on all fours. Then there was the common idea of leaving them as normal animals but giving them humanlike characteristics. I am still debating on which I want to do.

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