My editorial illustration is about fighting for animal rights and against the abuse of animals. I decided to depict a man and a horse having an exaggerated hand shake. The inspiration came from a movie called “Predator” where two old friends greet each other. For my color palette I decided to use colors that are associated with organizations that fight for and protect animals who have been abused such as the ASPCA, which is the reasoning for the orange background. I chose to draw a horse because horses are one of the most commonly abused animals. I chose the color brown because it is a pretty common color for horses.

The main point for this illustration is to emphasize that we need to help these animals and that we are the only ones who can fight against the abuse. I added scars, cuts, and a bandage to clearly depict the horse has been through cruelty. I do have some doubts that the message won’t come through, but I think overall it will.