Here is my final editorial illustration. I struggled a lot with the piece and me being absent that one day really threw me off a little. I was able to recover and create something decent. My piece is about beauty standards and how hard it is for young women in particular. They always have to feel and look a certain way and even do things to drastically change their appearance such as plastic surgery. Even though this topic is spoken about a lot i really am passionate about it and wanted to try and make an illustration that conveyed those feelings in some type of way.

To start off the illustration is of two different paper dolls, one being the ideal beauty and the other not. I tried conveying this by making the hands pick up the not ideal body and kind’ve throw it to the side replacing it with the ideal body and face. For the color scheme i initially thought of a all skintones but i wanted to add in a pop of color that being red-ish pink. I like the colors a lot but im struggling with the way i composed the items in this illustration. I also couldve used more variations in line weight to convey the message further but i only thought of it after the fact. Overall im proud but not proud of the drawing.