Based on the illustration I’m currently working at, I was looking a huge variations of Japanese illustrators that influence my concepts and theme. I manage to come across Hisashi Eguchi, a manga artist that mostly focus on the beauty of animated women by applying a mixture of realistic feature and the anime feature we tend to first capture, giving his Illustrations a unique perspective based on style, motions, details, etc. I find that Hisashi Eguchi’s illustrations reflects to my approach of attempting to illustrate a woman, some foundations that I could compare to him is the selection of dress style, the focus of the woman’s beauty and the action that is present in the frame. I notice that most of Hasashi’s work mainly represent the variations of women put in different backgrounds but also blend beauty into it, giving each one a story. I appreciate that he has these variations to explore and experiment in any way possible for his goal to achieve and I admire his purpose, giving my Illustration a meaning towards my effort.