In regards to Jillian Tamaki’s process:

  1. When starting a design or concept, you have to be interested in the topic or the subject matter and dive into the culture (especially pop culture). You have to be involved one way or another to come up with ideas that you can tweak with and you have to put in the effort somewhat.
  2. By being involved in interested in the subject matter, you’re definitely going to come across things you’d find aesthetically pleasing and things in which you can use in regards to whatever project you’re doing.
  3. I love how Jillian Tamaki talks about taking the content seriously because if you don’t then you’re not going to get much out of it and you’re going to have a hard time generating ideas. Also when you’re researching highlight stuff you deem important and speak to you.
  4. She then goes on to speak about how around this point we should also be writing down the words we highlighted and pointed out because it helps us come up with things quicker.
  5. I guess the 5th step goes back to research but this time looking back and pulling up photos that go with your narrative and sort of use them to make your vision come to life
  6. At this point you just take what works and reject what doesn’t work and you basically mix everything together.

Overall I found Jillian Tamaki’s take on generating ideas to be well organized, well thought out and extremely useful . I more or less try to use most of these steps when I’m coming up with something. I definitely agree with the first step in regards to keeping up with the culture, and I often try to do that..even with some aspects of the culture which I don’t like. I also save a lot of reference pieces on my camera roll for later inspection as well.