Artwork by SHUGMONKEY: 

This tea box illustration design is created by a freelance illustrator Shugmonkey. The artwork itself is very nicely well-drawn and very vibrant with the colors. In addition, some of the things drawn fit the theme of the product which is Apricot Ginseng such as the apricot, and the teacup/trees to represent the herbal ginseng. I’ve interested in this picture because of the illustrative design and the details. It’s very simple and also on how balanced the picture is, with the person in the middle while background images are on both behind her on her left and right. In addition, I really love the attention to detail on making sure the image fits the theme such as the kimono, a paper lantern, and a bonsai tree in the back! When looking at the image it sort of feels nostalgic for Asian cultures of just simply relaxing, drinking tea, and just enjoy the things around us! This whole tea box design gives the idea and sense of nostalgia and to relax and enjoy the time/meditate and that is what I really love the most about this design and is what I hope to continue to practice on my illustration and achieve! 🙂

-Jia Wei Wang