Concept Sketches

  • Decide on your top 2-3 thumbnail sketches.
    • Choose based on feedback you received from your Art Director (In this case ME.) and your peers, as well as your own passion and design sense.
  • Research additional reference images needed and add to your Pinterest board of inspiration for Assignment One. Collect any reference images needed to fully realize each design concept.
  • Create mock-ups using digital media to aide in rapid work.
  • Sketch 2-3 Concept Sketches.


Compare in these examples the Approved Thumbnail sketch and the corresponding Concept Sketch. Consider where changes were made.

Concept Sketch by Yuko Shimizu


  • Post your Concept Sketches, carefully labeled and a Link to your updated Pinterest board, along with a description to Openlab.
  • Categorize your post Work in Progress.

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