MoCCA Festival of the Arts

The MoCCA Arts Festival聽is a 2-day multimedia event, Manhattan’s largest independent comics, cartoon and animation festival, drawing over 7,000 attendees each year. With 400 exhibiting artists displaying their work, award-winning honorees speaking about their careers and artistic processes and other featured artists conducting workshops, lectures and film screenings, our Festival mission accelerates the advancement of the Society’s broader mission to serve as Manhattan’s singular cultural institution promoting all genres of illustration through exhibitions, programs and art education


Go to the show and look at as many different kinds of work as you can. 聽Choose one artist / creator whose work聽you admire. 聽Interview them about their work, inspiration and career. Find out how they approach their work, their process, and how they got started in the industry. 聽Take a picture with that creator and their work. 聽Write a blog post and share it on open lab. 聽Be sure to credit them and share their social media info with the class.



Inking Tips and Tricks (This and TONS more INFO in RESOURCES!)

Ink can be a messy medium!

Before you begin your work in this medium, here are some helpful tips and tricks.


  • Always warm up.

Just as you would warm up before exercise, warm up before using ink. Take the time to work on your lines and strokes on a separate sheet of paper before you begin working on your actual illustration. This will ensure that you have proper command of your hands.

This image is of comic book artist Jacob Halton’s inking warm-up, which he does in the morning to “get command of his hands”.


  • Don’t tape down your page.

Marks are easier to make when moving your hand in certain directions, so move your page around in order to make this possible. Work your hands in the way that they move naturally.

  • Begin with thicker lines.

This is a way to keep warming up your hands. Thicker lines are safer to work with until you feel confident enough to move onto the drawing’s fine detail portions.

  • Work in a way that minimizes smearing.

Don’t try to work on the illustration in a left-to-right method, or in any order like that. Instead, think about where your hand may smear the ink, and work in a way that minimizes that smearing. Some artists place a piece of paper or paper towel under their inking hands in order to help with this process.

  • Address large areas of ink last.

All paper, including watercolor paper or Bristol board, will warp when wet. It’s much easier to draw controlled lines on completely flat paper. Therefore, draw your lines before soaking any large areas with ink, otherwise known as executing an ink wash. Another method is to fill in large areas of ink, and then either allow for drying time or use a hair dryer before moving on to finer details.


Hope you enjoyed the snow day! Assignment 1 grades are posted

Hello Class!

Hope you all enjoyed the unexpected day off and are warm somewhere doing something productive or relaxing! 聽馃檪

For those of you that followed the Assignment 1 submission directions and POSTED your work to聽the dropbox for grading, your grades are up.

Go to the file you uploaded into the dropbox and you can read commentary聽on your work.

The TOP POST is overall commentary and contains the grade. 聽Under it are several specific suggestions or comments.

Please let me know if you have difficulty accessing it: Reply to this post with your email and I will have dropbox Notify you to view comments.

OVERALL nice work on the assignment class! 聽Several of you though DO NOT have your work in the dropbox. 聽If its not there it has not been graded. 聽You can still upload it as a late submission.

Women in Comics Exhibit in the Grace Gallery

Hello Guys-

This is the show I was speaking of last week聽… please come by! 聽Extra Credit if you do!

In聽celebration of Women鈥檚 History Month,

The Department of Communication Design presents…

Women in Comics Exhibit聽in the Grace Gallery.

Featuring female artists spanning all aspects of the comics industry; from Marvel and DC to Independent Comics. These amazing creators are artists, writers, and entrepreneurs 鈥 and the show even features a City Tech alum!

Opening Reception

Thursday, March 16 5:30 – 8:30 pm聽

Exhibit Continues until April 20th

Field Trip to the Society of Illustrators 2/21

Illustrators 59: Book And Editorial

Click here to learn more about the show and print your Trip Assignment

Tuesday the 21st at 3 PM meet at the museum

128 East 63rd Street (between Park and Lexington Avenues)
New York, NY 10065聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽


WHILE IN THE MUSEUM: Take notes and photograph images. Write a short blog post about one illustration from the exhibition that you found particularly interesting. Research the artist and the subject. Learn as much as you can about the working process.

Describe what interested you about this piece in a few short, well written paragraphs, (200 鈥 300 words.) Consider the illustration鈥檚 context, what you鈥檝e learned through your research about the illustrator, as well as their use of media, subject matter, and technique 鈥 in addition to your personal opinion.

Submit it along with a photograph of the art work and its creator, to our OPENLAB site.

Add it to the Field Trip Discussion Post.

Virtual OFFICE

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By聽tagging your posts with the聽category,聽office聽any questions you have for me will appear here on this thread, and be easy to find for all of us.

If you need to communicate with me privately, please email me at

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Uploading Instructions

Upload your Assignments from this semester into your聽ePortfolio. 聽

Upload photographs of your Sketchbook聽from this semester in the Sketchbook聽Category on this site.

Be sure to give the artwork聽a title.聽 On our class site, write brief descriptions of the drawings, and be sure to reference the drawings鈥 titles.聽 Your descriptions should include what you feel the aim of each drawing was, what you learned from making it, and what was challenging to do.聽 Of course you may write other comments as well. For instance, you may ask questions for other students to answers.

How to Post to our class: On this class site, go to Post聽located on the left聽> Give your drawing a title in the subject line like this:聽Assignment 1, thumbnail聽drawings: 鈥淓vil Urges鈥 > Write a brief description of the drawing in the Comments space > Just above your title click on the Add Media icon (it looks like a camera on top of a music note) and browse for your file > Click Insert > Click Drawings in the list of Categories on the right > Click Publish at the top right.

Your description should include what you feel the aim of the drawing was, what you learned from making it, and what was challenging to do.聽 Of course you may聽include other聽thoughts as well.

How to Post to your ePortfolio:聽 Go to Dashboard > New Page > Pages > Add New > Locate 鈥淧arent鈥 in the Page Attributes > choose 鈥淎cademics鈥 from the pull-down menu. In the Title area of your ePortfolio, be sure to write the name of our class (Foundation Drawing) or our course code (COMD1103).聽 Also be sure to Publish, and invite me to join your ePortfolio.聽 In settings, be sure to state either聽鈥淧ublic鈥 or 鈥淧rivate>visible to City Tech members.鈥澛 Otherwise no one will be able to see what you鈥檝e posted.

To take the photo, find a spot with even light so that you will have no shadows or strange light gradations across the drawing.聽 Frame the drawing so there is a small even frame on all sides.聽 Optimize the file, or reduce it to 72 dpi, with a file size no more than 1MB (about 8-9 inches on one side). Rotate it if necessary to it uploads right-side-up. If you have access to any photo-correcting program, see if you can increase the contrast so that delicate drawing lines are visible.

Welcome to Illustration 1


Welcome to Illustration 1! 聽This course is a hands on聽introduction to the field of illustration. Our goal in this course will be to give you the professional tools used by illustrators working in the field today. 聽As well as to cultivate your personal vision聽or voice as an illustrator.

On this site you will have access to materials presented in class, your weekly assignment pages, and additional helpful resources. 聽Here you will also post your images to share with your classmates.

Carefully read the directions in the UPLOADING INSTRUCTIONS POST聽on how to post to this site and to your ePortfolio.

鈥 Happy Drawing!