Assignment 3 Concept Sketches

I had a hard time trying to come up with new ideas. and the ideas i have seem to not be finished or completely thought out. They aren’t exactly expressing what i want to convey. My article was about ADHD in children and how it affects their progression in school.

1.The first one is a race where a child had come in last place and is sad they didn’t do good enough .

2. The second one is a race and the progression each child is making.

3.The third one is a maze and the child can’t find their way through to get to where they need to be .

4. There is two different concepts with the same general idea  where there’s  something replacing the child’s brain. the first one is bad grades and the second one is a broken lightbulb that shows the lack of knowledge and motivation for the child to succeed.


Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Society of Illustrators Field Trip

At society of illustrators i enjoyed viewing the many different illustrations. Every piece had its own unique style and materials that were used in its creation. There’s so many that i wanted to choose but the one that caught my attention the longest was “The Whale Who Lived On a Faraway Hill” by David Ouimet. The Whale Who Lived on a Faraway Hill was made using Carbon Dust on Strathmore 500 2-ply Vellum that was size 16″ x 26″ .
Which I found interesting because I love black and white illustration, all you have is value of light to dark. It’s easy to use color to differentiate objects but it’s hard to get the right shade or tint to get all the details. Also what works in color may not always work in black in white, but if it work in black in white it will most likely work in color .
David is a published illustrator for children’s books , he is and artist and musician from New York. In the mid 90’s David decided to focus on his artwork, and began working in the book business. Other published works of David Ouimet include Triple-Dare to Be Scared: Thirteen Further Freaky Tales (Dare to Be Scared), Double-Dare to Be Scared: Another Thirteen Chilling Tales (Dare to Be Scared), and Dare to be Scared: Thirteen Stories to Chill and Thrill. His illustration was one of many that was created for a book named  Daydreams For Night in which he worked with John Southworth.
I found an interview between the two individuals  about  the stories that John created. Simply read books was the company that wanted the books published. When Ouimet was approached by simply read book to illustrate John’s stories he went through this process to get ideas. He first listened to john’s music to get a sense of who he is and how he thinks. Then he read the stories and then he spoke to Southworth to pick at his brain and figure out what he was thinking as he wrote his stories.


Meet The Artist

I was so excited to do this page i decided to do a more realistic drawing of myself even those if barely looks like me. I could never get my face right. I honestly never heard of this page before this class and i’m glad i was introduced to it. I enjoyed viewing others work and their creativity and their style. You can tell from my page that i generally like neatness and order. I can’t focus if everything’s all over the place. I hope my page helps you get to know me better!