Devin’s Final Sketches

Here are my final sketches for the Editorial Illustration Project. The first picture is a boy with autism looking at the lake, seeing the muppet, Julia as the reflection. The metaphor for this sketch is that he sees the muppet as himself. This sketch is used to represent the article, “Meet The New Kid On ‘Sesame Street’: Julia, A Muppet With ” by Mary Papenfuss. The second picture is the monstrous mom approaching the kid that bullied her son with a soft ball. The metaphor for this sketch is that the mother has turned into a monster after witnessing her son being bullied. That sketch is for the article, ” When Mothers Bully Back” by Susan Perabo. The third picture is the boy with autism touching Julia’s hand as they stare at each other. The metaphor for this sketch is the same as the first picture. This sketch alo represents the same article as the first one. So which one do you think I should go with? Comment below.

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