Project 3 – Editorial Illustration



Hello Class!  Here is the Lecture on Editorial Illustration and Visual Metaphors.


Project 3: Editorial Illustration Overview:

For the next project you will be creating an editorial illustration for use to accompany an article in a magazine, printed or online.

The illustration must be created using a limited palate of black, white, and 1 other color and should be made using a combination of traditional drawing / inking skills and digital coloring.  Final art should be made to fit the real magazine’s specs. (Approx 9” x12”)

Final work will be judged on the uniqueness, clarity and cleverness of overall the concept, utilization of composition, skillful use of media, use of a full range of value, and of course overall technique.


IMPORTANT You MUST post your article and response in OPENLAB in order to meet project deadlines. 

DUE next week: PROJECT RESEARCH including your Article, your written response, facts and visual research, Brainstorm, and Thumbnails.

Editorial Assigment PART 1


Editorial Illustration Resubmission


Hey Class-


If you wanted a second shot at Editorial Illustration here it is.  You all received a class wide, week long extension.  If you have the time to apply the critique you received, please do! Even if you do not make changes, be sure to submit the project for grading!


Editorial Submission – Submit Your Work




Marcos Chin’s insight into editorial Illustration process

Hello Class-
Illustrator Marcos Chin an award winning artist whose work has appeared as surface and wall designs, on book and CD covers, advertisements, fashion catalogues, and in magazines.  His editorial illustration work has appeared in Time, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, GQ, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times and others.  He recently posted about the editorial process he learned in school and how his process has evolved.  Check it out!

Marcos Chin Process

Whenever I work on editorial projects I distill the brief, or article into one or two simple sentences because it helps to focus my imagery towards communicating the essence of the story. I learned this from my teacher in art college @pauldallas_art … Nowadays I sometimes I go even further and distill the story into only a few words. I learned this method of working while teaching alongside my friend @chrisbuzelli who taught me to locate the action within the story and then visually describe it. Doing so will aim to help create pictures that have a strong idea and immediate read without being too obvious, or cliché… I’ve incorporated this way of working into my illustration practice and now I feel like I have a new super power 

I’m going to have this piece of paper up where I can see it while I brainstorm concepts for an editorial project I’m working on right now. #marcosprocess #match#connect #respond #ocaduillustration