Sketchbook Week 4

Choose visual imagery that may appear in your final poster design. Fill your 4 pages by drawing careful studies of these design elements. For each design element try to choose several exciting poses聽and points of view. 聽Consider these studies towards the final piece. Also find samples of type faces that you might use for the final poster. If you plan to use hand drawn letterforms, practice this in your sketchbook.

Weeks 3 & 4 ALL ABOUT INK

For The next 2 week’s readings please read and COMMENT that you completed the reading on each of the following blog posts.聽 You MAY read ahead, and it is suggested that you READ These before beginning the #Inktober challenge.


Week 3

Week 4

  • pen-and-ink-illustration-an-introduction
  • the-modern-art-of-hatching
  • master-study-the-art-of-albrecht-durer


Week 3 Sketches

MORE Studies from Reference towards your FINAL Project 1 ILLUSTRATION

Fill your 4 pages by drawing聽careful studies聽design elements that factor into your final art. For each of you this will be different.

Also CONSIDER The idea of developing a visual vocabulary!聽 If you don’t understand this….YOU DID NOT DO THE READING.聽 馃檪

The important part here is that you SKETCH FROM REFERENCE. 聽For each聽design element聽try several sketches and points of view. 聽Consider these studies towards the final art piece.


Just a reminder, here are your Sketchbook Requirements :聽

For this course students are required to keep an ongoing sketchbook which will be utilized a minimum of 1 hour, 30 min per page, for a total of 4 timed sketchbook pages per week.

  • Students can聽not聽to tear out pages and pages must be dated. Students may of course draw MORE than the required 4 pages. Sketchbooks will be reviewed weekly as part of peer critique.
  • This Sketchbook will have the specific purpose of being a PROCESS journal.

Project One Final Pencil Sketch

Hello Class!聽 Be prepared to critique and turn in for grading Project One at the start of class next week: Tuesday 10/2


Brandy Ortiz – Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder Tea





Incorporating the feedback you received on your concept sketches for Project 1, create a final pencil drawing to present to your art director.聽 This should be drawing at 1.5 or 2 times print size.


  • Base these drawings on the feedback you received on your concept sketches. These drawings must be in proportion to the specs of your final art.
  • This drawing should be done at your highest level of finish, and should incorporate the use of reference to improve upon your chosen concept sketch.
  • Use Adobe PS or a photocopier and light box to scale UP your drawing and transfer it to drawing paper or bristol board.
  • Create a digital mock up of your art with the text on the can or Box using InDesign.聽 Print this for submission with your illustration.


* Continue Collecting Reference Images related to your concepts as well as inspirational images and reference. Be prepared to share your inspiration by next class.


*Be sure to ensure your art is drawn to the correct proportions BEFORE you begin.

*Be sure to tape down your edges clean finished edge.






Hello & Welcome!

Welcome to Introduction to Illustration! 聽This course is a hands on聽introduction to the field of illustration. Our goal in this course will be to give you the professional tools used by illustrators working today as well as to cultivate your personal vision聽or voice as an illustrator.

On this site you will have access to materials presented in class, your weekly assignment pages, and additional helpful resources. 聽Here you will also post your images to share with your classmates.

Carefully read the directions in the UPLOADING INSTRUCTIONS POST聽on how to post to this site and to your ePortfolio.

鈥 Happy Drawing!

Sketchbook Week One

This week鈥檚 sketchbook theme is鈥 Meet the Artist!

Page 1: #meettheartist

Create a meet the artist page for yourself in your Sketchbook! Look on Instagram or fb for聽#meettheartist聽and then design one to introduce yourself. 聽You may use any media and style you feel is appropriate! 聽You may choose to include any information about yourself you wish.

Pages 2-4:聽 LOVES and HATES

Draw imagery based on your list of LOVES and HATES… FROM REFERENCE!

For example, LOVE CATS?聽 Fill a page with drawings based on photos of your furry friends.聽 HATE SPIDERS? … DRAW THEM TO HELP DEAL WITH YOUR LOATHING!

Post your drawings when complete along with a blurb introducing yourself and a PHOTO of your WORKSPACE.



Write your post. Add a Descriptive title.

Choose CATEGORY (bottom right side): Week 1 Sketches


Uploading Instructions

Upload your Projects from this semester into your聽ePortfolio. 聽

Upload your Sketchbook聽from this semester in the Sketchbook聽Category on this site.

Be sure to give the artwork聽a title.聽 On our class site, write brief descriptions of the drawings, and be sure to reference the drawings鈥 titles.聽 Your descriptions should include what you feel the aim of each drawing was, what you learned from making it, and what was challenging to do.聽 Of course you may write other comments as well. For instance, you may ask questions for other students to answers.

How to Post to our class: On this class site, go to Post聽located on the left聽> Give your drawing a title in the subject line like this:聽Assignment 1, thumbnail聽drawings: 鈥淓vil Urges鈥 > Write a brief description of the drawing in the Comments space > Just above your title click on the Add Media icon (it looks like a camera on top of a music note) and browse for your file > Click Insert > Click Drawings in the list of Categories on the right > Click Publish at the top right.

Your description should include what you feel the aim of the drawing was, what you learned from making it, and what was challenging to do.聽 Of course you may聽include other聽thoughts as well.

How to Post to your ePortfolio:聽 Go to Dashboard > New Page > Pages > Add New > Locate 鈥淧arent鈥 in the Page Attributes > choose 鈥淎cademics鈥 from the pull-down menu. In the Title area of your ePortfolio, be sure to write the name of our class (Foundation Drawing) or our course code (COMD1103).聽 Also be sure to Publish, and invite me to join your ePortfolio.聽 In settings, be sure to state either聽鈥淧ublic鈥 or 鈥淧rivate>visible to City Tech members.鈥澛 Otherwise no one will be able to see what you鈥檝e posted.

To take the photo, find a spot with even light so that you will have no shadows or strange light gradations across the drawing.聽 Frame the drawing so there is a small even frame on all sides.聽 Optimize the file, or reduce it to 72 dpi, with a file size no more than 1MB (about 8-9 inches on one side). Rotate it if necessary to it uploads right-side-up. If you have access to any photo-correcting program, see if you can increase the contrast so that delicate drawing lines are visible.