Week 3 – Classwork


  • Discussion : Jillian Tamaki’s article on Idea Generation.   Talk about it in groups.  Then share your own idea generation methods.
  • Why is it SO important to have multiple ideas?



  • Review:
  • Who’s Who in Illustration
  • Illustration process : Typical Flow Illustration Workflow Handout
  • What are the key moments for feedback and how to we settle on a design?
  • How does this factor into the Business of illustration?
  • The importance of Reference
  • Class Reference Share: share and discuss your PINTREST page/Reference


30 min : Critique Project 1:

break into critique groups. (groups of 5-8 people)

Everyone in the group will present their concept sketches and the reference they have accumulated for their final for their product illustration to their group in the following manner:

We need a volunteer note-taker per group so that we don’t forget the valuable suggestions made!

Use instructor and peer feedback to help evaluate your ideas.

  • DEMO Using Transfer Paper
  • LAB TIME Work in Class Assignment 1:

Your Art director (aka ME) will meet individually with illustrators, and make suggestions.