Week 3 Reading: The role of reference

Article “Demonic world with ghosts” by Eric Fortune describes the steps in the process of creating an illustration. The first stage is an idea and the creation of an initial picture. Then the author uses photos/references from the real scene to determine the positions of objects in the illustrations, light sources, colors, and textures. This helps him save time and not spoil the paper with unnecessary erasures. Then he starts painting the objects in the illustration. Photos also help him choose colors for some parts of the illustration. Here he writes about the technique that he uses to create a marble effect for the table and the color selection for the image of bruises on the hands of the girl.

Reading # 1 Response

I do not drink beer, but, as far as I know, quality beer is a proven technology. Therefore, to date, most manufacturers do not participate in the competition for the quality of beer, because they already have it. They try to attract buyers by giving them a “circus” because they already have “bread”, that is, beer. An exquisite variety of tastes and quality of the beer is now complemented by works of art on labels. Because when we say that people have a taste, it’s not just about food or drinks, but also about the ability to perceive beauty. Thus, a simple walk in a supermarket past beer stands can be equated with visiting a museum of modern art, and you can choose one piece for yourself without paying a lot of money.