I wasn’t actually drawn to this picture at first it was so dark I kept bypassing it when I was looking at the google image page, it wasn’t until I came across the image close-up that I could make out what it was. The light value draws your eye in, but the shape is not one that is easily distinguishable from far away and once you learn that it’s a ship it is  in your face and right in front of you, the perspective and darkness really gives you the feeling like you are trapped in the canal about to cross paths with an ocean liner.

Drawing from reference

Yuko Shimizu used Google Maps as a reference tool for an Illustration she was doing of a New York cityscape. By using Google Maps she was able to capture different angles and smaller detail than she was able to see in other reference images. Yuko used the reference to form her initial sketch since she wanted to showcase a very particular area of the city. Through this form of reference, she was able to get different vantage points with the click of a button, without having to deal with the distractions and obstructions drawing from life can have.

Production Illustrations I admire

Two product illustrations I admire are Molly Dookers Carnival of Love wine label and Jaqk Her Majesty product illustration. The Carnival of Love label was designed by Roberts and Mash and has a lot interesting eye-catching details. The hand drawn lettering in the label adds to the whole vintage carnival feel. The Jaqk wine label caught my eye with its seamless borders and use of light and space to really make the illustration pop.