Society of Illustrators

I was completely enamored by the atmosphere when I first stepped into the Society of Illustrators. In fact, I was inspired by a few pieces at the museum. I fell in love with the “On the Porch,” piece by George Stavrinos. Coming up the landing it would be easy to miss, but the shading and the position of the model in the composition really captured my attention. It was also fascinating to learn that it was a fashion ad for Bergdorf Goodman. This piece really spoke to my fashion background, which is something that will never die. I absolutely love the folds in the fabric, which is something that I need to work on.

George Stavrinos was an American illustrator and graphic artist. He was well known for his advertising pieces for Bergdorf Goodman, and even magazines such as GQ and Cosmopolitan. His work exudes luxury, drama, elegance, sex appeal, and the women he drew have a powerful presence. I could almost say that the women in his illustrations represent the old Balmain woman, (one of my favorite fashion houses) way before the the takeover of creative director Olivier Rousteing. He also managed to make the fabric of his rendered pieces look so soft. It’s almost imagine what the fabric would feel like. After researching his work I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across his process. It was amazing to see how my creative process is similar to that of a great artist. Stavrinos’ process included lots of photographs and sketches before producing the finished drawing. Stavrinos will definitely be an artist that influences my work.

Chris Van Allsburg Discussion

I was very pleased to learn that Chris Van Allsburg is the illustrator behind the Polar Express. I chose this illustration because of its eerie and magical appearance. It gives the sense that something is in the young child’s room. I’m a huge Charmed (a show about 3 sister witches) fan, and the two prominent circles remind me of deceased magical souls that have been summoned.