Week 4 Reading

I had never heard of Chris Van Allsberg until last class but this image, The House on Maple Street was the one that appealed instantly. I personally don’t like pencil shading because I have a tough time doing it but this work was impressive to me. I really like the way he simply has less shading on the bottom of the house, which makes it look like there is some kind of bright like coming from there. Because of that bright light this picture reminded me of the move Home Alone, specifically the part where the kid puts on bright Christmas lights to scare off robbers. The shading makes this picture remind me of that scene, it looks like there is snow on the ground due to the light shading in the road. I think the house is supposed to be taking off due to the caption “It was a perfect lift off” but to me it looks like light.

The Role of Reference response

In Eric Fortune’s case he used an actual picture of a person as reference. He took a picture of this person in the pose he wanted where he wanted and drew his piece from this photo reference. He transfers the sketch to watercolor paper, finding it helpful to correct anatomy on better paper. Another way Eric uses reference to is leave the drawing in a sort of rough state so as not to disturb the paper with erasing. He tries to get enough information from the referenced pencil drawing portion of the work, letting the paint do some of the detail work later on.

Jillian Tamaki’s Idea Generation response

I normally collect media that I am interested in, I have folders on my hard drive and use websites such as Pinterest to collect images of things I like. I also like to take source material seriously. I try to read the original book or view the original work to see what the creator had in mind. While reading a book I tend to become focused on certain concepts and then collect images on it. I like the idea of staying true to source content, even if some changes are made.