Project 4 Character Designs and Facial Expressions

 Character Design 1: The Hare

 Character Design 2a: The Tortoise

 Character Design 2b: The Tortoise

 Facial Expressions

Hi professor,

I’m stuck between which version of character design 2 I want to do. So if you can help me out feel free. Other than that enjoy my character designs! Thumbnails coming soon.

Hi professor,

I’m back again. So I fixed up the character designs. I know it’s a little late but I added another facial expression for the Tortoise and I tried to tweak up the Hare. Enjoy! Concept sketches coming soon.


 The Hare Tortoise Facial Expressions



One thought on “Project 4 Character Designs and Facial Expressions

  1. Hoa NICE WORK!

    A little feedback:

    I prefer the less human looking tortoise. 2a. Its also fun contrast to the very human hare character. I would wok on that side view, the hare feels flat. Also you CAN and should look at real hares and real athletes for reference and inspiration.

    OVERALL well done and start thinking about the best scenes to illustrate in your story.

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