Project 4 Proposals

Story: The boy who cried wolf

Proposal 1:
Genre: Science Fiction/Comic
Setting: Blade runner-esque city (rainy, crowded looking, nighttime) kind of like NYC.

Set in the far future this would involve the boy in a futuristic (original blade runner inspired world). Takes place in a city rather than near a farm village. The boy is a bounty hunter who can tell the truth by touching people with his robotic arm. The wolf is his current target, a criminal who is half wolf/human due to genetic manipulation from this future.

Proposal 2:
Genre: Horror/Fantasy
Setting: A medieval tavern or village.

Set in a fantasy world like the Wheel of Time or LOTR books where many different races live. The wolf would be the main character, he would be more human but retain wolf features, a knight or warrior. The boy would be a villain who loves lies, hunting the wolf down because he can see through the boy’s lies. The boy would be more of an adult and a fantasy creature like a Ringwraith from LOTR.

1 thought on “Project 4 Proposals

  1. Amit- These are very clever ideas! I’m interested in both. The 2nd one seems closer to the original story… but i do like the setting ideas for idea 1. Why don’t you begin playing with character design and see which begins to pull you in. We can talk through your characters and settings tomorrow. You should bring any character reference you have to class.

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