Project 4 proposal


Assignment 4

Hi Profesor, hope you are feeling better. I chose the Muffin Man, it is technically a nursery rhyme. I remembered some of the examples being nurses rhymes. Let me know if I need to pick something else.

Proposal 1

Genre: Mystery/ Thriller

Would involve the different food ingredients wanting to track down their missing family members who the muffin man had abducted. The setting would be a present-day kitchen and surrounding areas.

Proposal 2

Genre: Mafia/ Comic Noir

Set in a present-day New York type of city. Would involve the Muffin Man who had taken out fellow mafia members: The Butcher, The Baker and The Candlestick Maker who had all just been found dead in a tub.

One thought on “Project 4 proposal

  1. Heather- These are fantastically fun and clever ideas! ‘Im interested in both ideas. Why don’t you begin playing with character design and see which begins to pull you in. We can talk through your characters and settings tomorrow. You should bring any character reference you have to class.

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