Project 4 – Proposals

Here is my proposal for project 4, the handout said I was suppose to post it so here it is!

Story: Tortoise and the Hare                                Author: Aesop

Proposal 1:

Change: Setting

  • The setting will be on a modern day race track
  • The main story will be similar to the original story: The only minor adjustments that will be placed are how the hare “sleeps”. He will be sleeping in his car dreaming about his next sponsorship. (I imagined the dialogue like this: Hey tortoise. Your car has no sponsors. You see all those brands on my car? That proves I’m better… *While he’s sleeping* Green Giant… Sponsor me… Please…)
  • Audience: Children

Proposal 2:

Change: Genre – Horror

  • The setting will be in a haunted forest near the village. (village will be where the beginning challenge sequence occurs)
  • The story will be similar to the original story. When the rabbit decides to sleep spirits gather around him and abduct him into the *dramatic voice* SHADOW REALM (I’m joking). But the haunted spirits will abduct the hare and the tortoise the new found champ, everybody doesn’t notice where the hare went.
  • Audience: Young Adult

If you want to know more, or hear me say “Shadow Realm” in my dramatic voice you can ask me in class. Thanks!

One thought on “Project 4 – Proposals

  1. Hoa- I’m interested in both ideas but I think I like the second one best. Bonus , I can expect to hear… SHADOW REALM in class tomorrow! 🙂 But seriously I really like this idea. We can talk through your characters and settings tomorrow. You should bring any character reference you have to class.

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