One thought on “Project 3 Thumbnails

  1. Hoa- Great thinking! I like all three concepts very much! You have some good potential here!

    “We are the Champions”:

    I like top row middle, center, and the last one.

    “One Paw in the Grave”:

    Second and Middle. (top left is a little too obvious.)

    “We created a monster”:

    Dogs in tanks. (Using Darth Vader will make the message unclear.)

    “Matchmaking gone wrong”

    Dog swiping! SO GOOD! Make it really look like a game but make sure your message is clear as simply as possible.

    Dog building… I like this idea too but not sure if idea would be clear… what are they using as building blocks? Do legos represent DNA?

    Out of these Pick 3 to pursue and if you want further advising let me know.

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