One thought on “Project 3 Thumbnails!

  1. Julie these are Wonderful! Some really great ideas here! Several have some real potential.

    Top Row column 4: OVal office Nazi Xmas lights. If you do this right… think a holiday New Yorker mag cover, and have the symbolism be subtle enough to be a second read? REALLY good.

    Bottom Row Column 4: 45th doll kit / tiki torch fire. Nice imagery … but lets clarify the message: What are you actually trying to say? If it’s that he is stoking the fire or fueling it, then that’s not how this image reads. Right now it’s like the tiki torches, already a symbol of white supremacists are burning HIM. I think you should explore this idea more with a few more thumbnails. Is there a bonfire of toy kits and torches are being lit there? Is the toy somehow doing the lighting? Who is holding the tiki torch if anyone? You can choose to only do these 2 concepts instead of 3 to give you a little time to rework. PLease consider Point of View and composition as you work these into concept sketches.

    For OVAL office get very good reference.

    The tiny hands ones feel less like politcal commentary and more like charicatures.

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