The Society of Illustrators

The field trip to the society of illustrators was fun and inspiring. When I first walked in to the exhibition, what catch my eyes first were the retro dresses in the middle of the room. So I took a close look to the dresses at first. I could see that they are all for rich people or “high society” people. By seeing the patterns and the crafts of those dresses, I could see people’s strong pursuing of fashion at that time. Then I started looking at the paintings on the wall. The first thing I noticed was how the artist inspired by those dresses. The dresses helped bring the illustrations to life.

Then I started to take a close look at the painting. The one inspired me the most is the “STUDENTS MUST FIND IT MIGHTY DIFFICULT TO TAKE SOME OF THESE COLLEGE PROFESSORS SERIOUSLY AFTER SEEING THEM ON THE BATHING BEACH” by Orson B. Lowell. The painting has young college women fraternized on the beach with their professors. The expression of the professors are fun and vibrant. It also makes the painting  full of irony. I love how he shaded the painting with just cross hatching lines. The skill is just awesome. And the way he drew the water inspired me a lot. Because I really want to learn how to draw water. From the painting I also saw how he was inspired by the swimsuit at that time.

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