Gregory Manchess And Above the Timberline


Gregory Manchess is a famous Oil painter in New York that has created this beautiful painting that stood out for me called “Above the Timberline”. This painting is for a Visual novel that Gregory Manchess has worked on for 7 preparing, painting, and writing for. The thing that stood out of me the Most for this Painting is how the lighting is used to focus on the man leading the polar bears through the mountain because its something that I aspire to do as an artist. Another thing that drew me towards his work is the choice of colors he used which is something I need to work on a lot and since I heard that you mentioned him doing a drawing in many different ways that makes me even more determined to reach his level of color and drawing. Another thing that makes me love his artwork is how the light reflects off of some of the objects like the leather material on that man’s head showing off the texture of it as well. Gregory Manchess makes me want to draw something very awesome but I will need a lot of time for that.

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