Assignment 2: Object Staging part 2

Assignment 2: Object Staging, Part II — Concept Sketches



You’ll now complete the preliminary steps of the illustration process, refining your 3 best Object Staging Thumbnails into Concept Sketches.

Refine your thumbnails following class critique. Be sure to Submit the Concept sketches in Assignment 2, for approval!



  • Trim size: Add 6 inches to the width and 6 ½ inches to the height of the image size to allow for mat.
  • Image size: 7 x 9 inches or 9 x 7 inches


  1. Enlarge your 3 strongest thumbnails .


  1. Find reference!
  1. Refine your thumbnails into Concept Sketches. This version should be carefully drawn and measure 7″ x 9″. You will have time for more refinements after the critique.


Be sure to Check the pencil rough for any tangencies or poor cropping.

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