Assignment 2: Object Staging part 1

Assignment 2: Object Staging

Part 1 Brainstorm, and Thumbnails and Rough Sketches 


For the first stage of this three part assignment, you will create a concept based on one of your objects from the Inked Object Exercise. Your concept must meet the following parameters:


  • Your original object must be visible and central to the new concept.


  • The composition must feature a simple setting with only the props necessary to communicate your concept.


  • The owner of your object must be incompetent, unreliable, eccentric, otherwise not quite normal.


  • You must describe the owner without any visible figures (including the owner).


To gain a better understanding of the assignment, please review the student examples.



For this stage, you’ll brainstorm on the object using the IDEATION Method viewed in class.


Then Sketch a minimum of 20 thumbnails for review. Next class you’ll create a pencil rough and value roughs, in preparation for the final inked illustration.



  • Image size: 7″ x 9″ vertical format or 9″ x 7″ horizontal format


  1. To create a concept, write down all your thoughts about the use of your object. Creating a backstory about the owner can help. Is your owner male, female, young or old? Once you understand your owner, the props that you choose will be consistent. You think differently than everyone else, so don’t censor yourself. Allow your thoughts to run freely.


  1. Loosely and quickly sketch several of your concepts in your sketchbook.


  1. Choose the strongest sketch, and draw thumbnails to compose and stage your concept. What props do you need to communicate the concept? Which setting, environment, and time of day will best support the concept?


Keep your composition simple. Use only the props necessary to communicate the concept.

The purpose of this assignment is to practice creating concepts, thumbnails, and learn illustration process.


  • Tracing paper and Sketchbook for thumbnails
  • Pencils
  • Ruler

Due Date

  • The 20 thumbnails are due next week.



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