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YES… I agree. This seems pretty obvious.

Any student who has studied drawing at all has probably been keeping a sketchbook for at least the past semester, if not for years. But please bear with me and read on. Regardless of the simplicity of the tool, there is a reason ALL serious artists keep a regular sketchbook practice, and there is infinite room here to learn, grow, and develop your craft.

Your sketchbook is the place in which you will really improve your drawing and idea generation skills.  It will, by developing the habit of daily use, become a PRACTICE. No different than a daily meditation practice. And it should be thought about with similar rigor.

Throughout this semester, and hopefully moving forward you will keep a sketchbook that you will work in every day.  It will become a depository of ideas, a place to work on your concepts, and a place to draw both what you see in your daily life as well as what you see in your imagination.

For now, focus solely on DEVELOPING THE HABIT.

Every week you are required to share pages from your sketchbook here. Be sure to Title your post!  Include the Week and the Theme if you are given one, or make up your own title!  Keep the image file SMALL.  72 DPI is fine.

Sketchbook Requirements:

  • For this course students are required to keep an ongoing sketchbook which will be utilized a minimum of 2 hours, 30 min per page, for a total of at least 4 sketchbook pages per week.
  • Students can not to tear out pages and pages must be dated.  Students may of course draw MORE than the required number of pages. Sketchbooks will be reviewed weekly in Openlab.
  • In it students will include only life drawing, objects, still life, gesture drawings etc. and process work towards their assignments.
  • Class notes should also be included in this sketchbook.

Be sure to comment on each other’s sketches.


Please reply to this post acknowledging that you understand the requirements and purpose of the sketchbook.  Also please let us know in a couple of sentences about your sketchbook experience and what kind of things you like to sketch!

2 thoughts on “How to use my sketchbook

  1. I understand the requirements and purpose of the sketchbook. Personally, I have never been very good at keeping a sketchbook. When I have I do not use it to its full potential because it is something people inevitably ask to take a look at, so I end up ripping pages out or erasing things which I know defeats the purpose, so I will find this very challenging.

  2. I understand that our sketchbooks and the amount of time used in them will define how well we’re doing. To look back and realize the improvement we have made from before. I like to sketch what is real to me. Something beautiful. I like using my brain and hands to draw/paint something. Like an engineer with blueprints.

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