Figure Drawing Reference

Getting the right reference is key in creating a great final art piece!

Though we some times don’t know how to get our figure drawing exactly right… we can sure see when it has gone wrong! Poor drawing is one sure way to ruin a great idea.  So, lets get the right reference so that we can do out best work!

NOW of course the BEST thing to do is go and draw a REAL LIVE PERSON… but you may not have access or may not be able to get just the right pose for your visual concept.  FEAR NOT!  there are some great resources out there!


screen696x696  artpose_male_worms_eye-675x1200  screen696x696-1

Art Pose and Art Pose Female Edition are perhaps the most practical and intuitive artist anatomy reference applications for iOS and Android.  You can pose your figure, see musculature and move your camera all around it.  You can even go to a silhouette view.  Pretty good stuff!  Learn more! 



Pixelovely Is probably my favorite reference site. It has figure great drawing poses, choose between kinds of models, clothed or nude male or female etc.  Plus animal poses!  MEOW! Within each category are sub-categories. For example, under the animal category, you can choose the species of animal – and whether or not to time the session.



Quick Poses is a great figure reference site. You can choose between gesture drawings (timed poses) or random pose studies (not timed). There is a healthy selection of both clothed and nude models to choose from.  The site also includes tips to improve your study.


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