Giulia Bentoglio: Proposing Working Method

Proposing Working Method: Digitally 

My Overall Proposal for this project would be to work Digitally. Although im a beginner on Illustrator, I am a very fast learner. I have done multiple projects Digitally, which they come out really well done compared to when im attempting to color my drawings in myself in manual. Besides Working digitally would be much faster since I do own a Tablet that will give me the extra lift.


chess the-perfect-day

crimson-secrets illegals stars-shiver

The Three Citrons by Giulia Bentoglio

The Three Citrons by Giambattista Basile

The Three Citrons Illustration

The Three Citrons Illustration

Well was it in truth said by the wise man, “Do not say all you know, nor do all you are able”; for both one and the other bring unknown danger and unforeseen ruin; as you shall hear of a certain slave (be it spoken with all reverence for my lady the Princess), who, after doing all the injury in her power to a poor girl, came off so badly in the court, that she was the judge of her own crime, and sentenced herself to the punishment she deserved.

Proposal for The Three Citrons

Story proposal






5 ( extra 2) Favorite thumbnails ideas 

15037273_1143344409047508_5517416975484257549_n 15109581_1143344255714190_382605910857762851_n 15109373_1143344302380852_922936081465747641_n 15094386_1143344329047516_374578026341244029_n 15055701_1143344352380847_4742234025664264281_n 15055610_1143344385714177_6675658560821235752_n 15037290_1143344282380854_9148463859970508193_n

Concept Sketches:

Concept Sketches

Final Sketches and Reference Pictures:


Character Design, Model Sheets and Character Expression: 

  1. Characters Expression and Design

character-expression-evil-queen character-expression-princess-and-chef

2. Model Sheets

character-model-evil-queen character-model-princess



Final Outlines (Inked): 



Color Roughs vs. Gray Scale Roughs 






the-love-for-three-orages-one-1-giuliab the-love-for-three-oranges-2-one-giuliab

Ralph Steadman Exhibition Field Trip Assigment by Giulia Bentoglio

Davinci and Michelangelo by Ralph Steadman

Davinci and Michelangelo

Picture taken on Field Trip

closer image

Closer Image

Im a huge History nerd, so of course my first reaction while seeing this masterpiece created by Ralph Steadman was to die laughing. It reminded me this amazing comic book called “Chiaroscuro: The Private Lives of Leonardo Davinci” illustrated by y Chaz Truog and Rafael Kayanan. On the comic book, it is speculated that there was a possible homosexual relationship between Leonardo and Salai, whom is Leo’s favorite model. Salai is clearly depicted to have had homosexual relations with Leonardo’s main rival, Michelangelo and Ludovico Sforza’s captain, Sanseverino. It is clear, however, that Leonardo used him as a model for his artwork. The relationship between Salai and Leonardo is often toxic, in the end showing Salai betraying Leonardo by serving as the model for Michelangelo’s David. In 1503, Leonardo and Michelangelo where given the opportunity by the Florence government to paint two large paintings on opposite walls of each other in the Sala del Maggior Consiglio (The Great Council Hall) in Palazzio Vecchio, however neither of those paintings have survived all the ages to see them in person, and some people speculate it was because both of them where trying so hard to outdone each other out that in the end both of them did horrible low quality jobs. However, I really love the idea that Ralph Steadman created, speculating that the paintings where not done on their full potential since davinci and Michelangelo where too buzy throwing paint at each other. It’s a lighter concept than the Comic book love story in “Chiaroscuro”, and besides the illustration is simply fantastic, being as simple as sketchy art with a little bit of watercolor and pencil lines, it still shows enough details and information for the viewer to understand what could of possible went down on The Great Council Hall, based on artist Steadman perspective.

*I apologize for not taking a selfie for the field trip, I completely forgot looking at the amazing illustrations of Steadman


Project #2 GET OUT THE VOTE by Giulia Bentoglio

Lets face it, this year 2016 election sucks so bad. However, as much as anyone hates it, its up to us citizens to vote on who do we think that should have the honor to be next president of the United States. On this second project, I had the total freedom to express my voice about this upcoming election, on which I personally believe that no matter whom you vote for we will sadly end up screwed up. On the Democrat side we have Hillary Clinton, Represented as a blue devil, While Donald Trump is represented In red. I wanted to get my word out for people to vote, but to chose wisely on which candidate they select, although they are sadly the same. While doing this project, I was heavenly inspired by Shepard Fairey, whom is the artist behind the famous “Obey” and Obama’s “Hope” poster. I am not an experienced illustrator using technology, however I love to edit  pictures through adobe Illustrator using Image trace and other help such as Photoshop. I completely enjoyed doing this project, and I hope everyone can relate through what I am trying to express with this poster.

Project 2 process book

Giulia Bentoglio Vote Final

Death Wish Coffee by Giulia Bentoglio

  1. Writing Progress
Ideas and thoughts for Death Wish Coffee

Ideas and thoughts for Death Wish Coffee

2. Thumbnails (#1)

Quick sketches for Death Wish Coffee Ideas.

Quick sketches for Death Wish Coffee Ideas.

3. Thumbnails (#2)


Quick sketches for Death Wish Coffee Ideas.

4. Favorite Sketches (#1)

Narrowing down all ideas into 2 final drawings. Only one will be selected.

Narrowing down all ideas into 2 final drawings. Only one will be selected.

5. Favorite Sketches (#2)


Narrowing down all ideas into 2 final drawings. Only one will be selected.

6. Final Drawing

Project ready to color and be edited.

Project ready to color and be edited.

7. Final Inked

Project is inked and ready to be edited in illustrator.

6. Final Inked  Project is inked and ready to be edited in illustrator.

8. Final Edited (Illustrator)

Edited in Illustrator

7. Final Edited in Illustrator

9. Final Mockup

Mockup of final product.

8. Death Wish Coffee Mockup Mockup of final product.