Proposed working method

For my working method I am learning about color as well a good composition along side foreshortening. I am sketching out different bodies in different views to understand foreshortening and some color theory.

I have done sketches and some and some detail sketches, so far I am working on studies to understand foreshortening, and will move on to other detail sketches because I still feel unsatisfied with the ones I have so far. I will be working digitally for my value and colors and for my final I will be using water color, color pencils, and airbrush, with a little retouches of digital work.




Molly Bang

:O I’m speechless… It never cross my mind on how simple shapes and colors can explain a whole story so easily, after reading this I asked two of my friends if they recognize the story that was being told in the picture. I was speechless when they both answered correct, in actually lest than 5 seconds, after their eyes had scan the picture. I find this incredible and amazing that someone is able to create such an abstract piece of art using simple shapes and colors, and to have this great impact, honestly this is not my style of art, maybe one day I will try it, but I do admire her talent.

Pitch + Thumbnails


Final six thumbnails

top 3: killing the Beast

bottom 3: Beauty as Beast’s slave

20161115_010759 20161115_010822 20161115_010808

The Beauty and the Beast is a horror fantasy story set up in ancient Rome. After Beauty had being taken hostage in the Beast’s castle do to a mistake her father had committed. Being treated as a slave Beauty plots Beast’s death.

Kung Fu Girl Final



20161016_233848 20161016_233836


20161016_233930 20161016_233946 20161016_233939

Concept Sketches

Kire's Work draft

Value Roughs + New Changes

20161016_233521 20161016_233701 20161016_233652

20161016_233549 20161016_233557

Related Sketches

20161016_233956 20161016_234536




20161016_234117 20161016_234016

20161016_234005 20161016_233922 20161016_233913 20161016_233904

Extra Sketches


Final Painting


Final Mock


Final Mock in Color


Kung Fu Girl is a wine label, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes, consider as one of the top “100 wines” with the best value.