Proposal: The fish who cried human

A young fish named Gillian who miss judged humans and blames them for killing all the fish. The supposed human is wearing all black on a surf board. Gillian goes back to the city Ratnakara “the creator of jewels” and, informed the other fish about this scary situation. Turns out when they further investigated, but in the end the fish realized the human turns out to be a seal that looks like a human. The king of Ratnakara which is the blue ants to banish Gillian away from the city for good for giving everybody a scare.





Thumbnails and Pitch: The Wendigo

Pitch: “The Wendigo” is a horror narrative aimed at a mature audience. It details the events of a college girl, and her group of friends as they search for the mysterious Wendigo creature to complete their final project for “Intro to the Occult” class. This story presents a situation of experiencing true despair in the face of innocent ignorance, as the group suffers a terrible fate for their desire to seek out the unknown without a care in the world.


20161115_103553 20161115_103610 20161115_103616 20161115_103630

Molly Bang

:O I’m speechless… It never cross my mind on how simple shapes and colors can explain a whole story so easily, after reading this I asked two of my friends if they recognize the story that was being told in the picture. I was speechless when they both answered correct, in actually lest than 5 seconds, after their eyes had scan the picture. I find this incredible and amazing that someone is able to create such an abstract piece of art using simple shapes and colors, and to have this great impact, honestly this is not my style of art, maybe one day I will try it, but I do admire her talent.

Pitch + Thumbnails


Final six thumbnails

top 3: killing the Beast

bottom 3: Beauty as Beast’s slave

20161115_010759 20161115_010822 20161115_010808

The Beauty and the Beast is a horror fantasy story set up in ancient Rome. After Beauty had being taken hostage in the Beast’s castle do to a mistake her father had committed. Being treated as a slave Beauty plots Beast’s death.

Frank Stockton & Point of View

Shaping the Scene: Layout and Action

Action can often suggest the layout and framing of a shot. As always we go back to our story. Ask yourself: What is the character doing? How do they feel about it? How should the viewer feel looking at this scene? How can I make this action totally clear to the viewer? These questions will help to dictate your layout (another word for composition) as well as help you choose your POV.

In this illustration by Frank Stockton notice how the action and feeling have dictated many of these decisions.


The Moving Camera

The world you see in an illustration can be very compelling, inviting you in for deeper analysis. Or not. Much of this depends of the point of view you see it from. After all, seeing a concert or play or a game from the nosebleed seats is not the same experience at all as being up close and personal with the action. Since in illustration you can choose your viewer’s vantage point, take the time to really consider it.

Frank Stockton is a comic book artist and illustrator who is known for using point of view like a boss! We just examined one of his images in detail on the previous page for exactly that reason.

As you look at the next series of images ask yourself once again: the illustrator could choose any point of view from which to show this scene, so why did he choose this one?

Project 3 Submissions

Project 3 Narrative Illustration

Project Description:

In this multilayered assignment you will reinterpret a classic folk tale or fairy tale through your own creative lens. You will, through the course of the assignment develop characters, setting, and finalize 2 illustrations featuring the same character in two very different settings and situations.

  • You may choose a vertical or horizontal format.
  • Final art will be 11 x 14 – inch, full-color illustration
  • You should interpret the story through your own personal artistic lens informed by thorough research and reference.
  • Final art will be delivered digitally.
  • All drawing will be done traditionally, and will be rendered in a medium and process to be agreed upon with instructor.



  1. Upload your 2-3 Final Drawings and your Process Book to DROPBOX.  These should be 2 separate submissions.  

The file size is 11 x 14 inches

Save as JPEGS / RGB (not CMYK or grayscale)

Resolution: 120

Naming conventions:

lastname_imagetitle_01.jpg, lastname_imagetitle_02.jpg etc.


Upload BOTH parts of Project 3 to Dropbox.

Project 3 GRADING BREAKDOWN:           

50 % project grade CREATE A PDF PROCESS BOOK guiding us through the project from inception to conclusion. BEGIN the book with your PITCH.

Carefully SCAN your process work. This should include : Your Brainstorm, Thumbnails, Concept Sketches, Value Roughs, Related Sketchbook Work, and Final Designs. Provide a blurb about the project. Include summary of the article you analyzed, and your approach to the project.

Carefully Label all of your work. Be sure all of it is presented well: facing the right way, no shadows in the picture, good contrast, etc. 

50 % project gradeCONCEPT ART ( Including Final Drawings and Character Designs for your Story)





Story Proposal

The story I chose for this assignment is “The Little Match Seller”.

I rewrote the story and changed the genre to horror. Here is my rewrote version.


It was terribly cold and nearly dark on the last evening of the old year, and the snow was falling fast. In the cold and the darkness, a poor little girl, with bare head and naked feet, roamed through the streets. It is true she had on a pair of slippers when she left home, but they were not of much use. They were very large, so large, indeed, that they had belonged to her mother, and the poor little creature had lost them in running across the street to avoid two carriages that were rolling along at a terrible rate. So the little girl went on with her little naked feet, which were as pale as the moon light that spilled on the ground from the starless sky above.

She felt the bitter air biting her skin with its sharp cold teeth. In such a terrible night where no living being should be roaming, she was alone and she was sad. The day grow old and most of the souls have returned to the comfort of their homes, warmly tucked away in their comfy beds without a slight idea of what terrible things are present nor do they cared. The little girl’s father is a poor solemn man whose edge were sharpened to its extreme by the cruel world around him. He hadn’t much to live for and hadn’t much to lose, he hadn’t any job, and he hadn’t any wife. With so little he has, he can barely feed himself not to mentioned the little girl who tagged along. It was him who send the little girl out into the cold to return what she had owned him and if she did not sell out all of the matches, she was not allowed home.

With little protection against wind, she kept on wondering the street. Although it is late, there were still some pedestrian. She desperately hoped that they will purchase some of her matches but her prayer wasn’t answered. The pedestrians did not shown kindness to her. Infect they hardly acknowledged her and no matter how hard she pleaded, no matter how desperately she begged. The aloof people simply walked on. She was distraught and she knew that her father would not allow her to go back. So she kept on wondering the street, on and on and on and on. When a samaritan discovered the little girl’s body, they morned her tragic fate, as she lay on the ground, her shoes littered a few feet away, a basket of match sticks scattered all over the place, her mangled body was left in the middle of the road pale and somber, with blood trails leading from her body down the road. She was dead when two carriages struck her earlier last night. Some who were in the crowed say they caught glances of the same little girl wondering the street pale and sad with no shoes on her feet, a basket of match sticks.

Thumbnails and Pitch

3lp1Column 1 – Once upon a time,there were three little pigs in space.

Column 2 – One pig built his house out of aluminum in Mercury

Column 3 – The second pig build his house on Mars wit cooper3lp2

Column 1 – The third pig worked so hard that he build his house out of diamond on earth.

Column 2 – The alien spots the two pigs and plans to hunt them down.

Column 3 – The alien destroys pig number 1’s house which is Mercury3lp3

Column 1 – The alien destroys pig number 2’s house which is Mars

Column 2 – The alien tries to destroy the 3rd pigs house which was on earth but there was a force field around it so when the alien shot his laser on earth, the laser bounced back and killed the alien.

The 3 little pigs take place in space where they’re 3 pigs which are the main characters who live in different planets. One lives in Mercury, Mars and Earth. The big bad wolf which is no longer a wolf but is a alien is traveling around space with a UFO destroying each planet that the pigs live in.But there’s one planet that he couldn’t destroy.This is a mysterious story mainly for people all ages.