working method

Since I’m not much of a traditional drawing type of guy I would like to do most of my work digitally. In my past projects my digital ones stand out the most and seem to catch a lot of attention. Once I’m really done with my concept sketches in 11×14 paper, that’s when I’ll trace it, scan it and add the details digitally. I’m very comfortable with Mangastudio and somewhat comfortable with Photoshop CC but I know one does better than the other on certain things, meaning I’ll use a combination of both programs. There’s a youtuber called KNKL that is a video game character designer and does all his work on with a tablet and the Adobe softwares. He’s really cool and passionate about teaching others how to draw and the time it takes to make a really good piece. Never rush an art piece because it will never go your way. He’s my inspiration to do things digitally so he’ll somewhat guide me in that sense.

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