Proposed Working Method

The process I would like to use is basically start of with thumbnail sketches pick my best one and then use lines and shading. But mostly shading. Instead of painting, my ideal was to basically convert my illustration digitally because I feel as if my art work is stronger in digital work. My main focus on my illustration would be the characters and indicate which character or subject is more dominate. In other words as it was shown in this picture by Eric Fortune. In this illustration, the author demonstrates that the most relevant or the main focus of this picture would be the subject that’s standing over the objects that’s on the floor. That’s how I want to show in one of my concept sketches. My main focus will be more on the subjects then the surrounds so that’s why you would see more details on the characters then in the setting. Just like concept 2 is showing.


concept-2-revisionsconcept sketch 2

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