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  1. The illustration I choose from Frank Stockton was the illustration of people running. Franks strategies that he uses in his illustration are basically showing upshot worms eye view. In my opinion , Frank uses this point of view to show that the runners in the illustration are the main focus and the dominate ones in the picture. The story has to do with a race taking place. I came up with this idea because first of all the clothing they’re wearing seems like they’re wearing track uniform and because of the numbers on their shirt.

  2. I chose an illustration of people running by Frank Stockton. I chose this illustration because the POV is someone smaller than these people who are illustrated. It shows feelings about being small or short. This illustration is probably for 5k marathon that number 5k show on their t-shirts. I like how their running shoes go over the borderline of the frame. It shows how the running can go beyond that edge.

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