Master Study : The Art of Albrecht Dürer

As the only way to represent value in printed books was through the use of line, we can easily see how the art of printmaking and that of pen and ink illustration are deeply linked.

To see an amazing example of this idea in action, let’s look at the German Renaissance printmaker Albrecht Durer (1471–1528). Durer demonstrated the true mastery that could be achieved in inked and printed line art. Through expert understanding of line and value, he created depth, volume, and mood.

As you examine the following images, take careful note of Dürer’s use of hatching, crosshatching, and stippling in these images. Consider the incredible sense of volume achieved, and the quality of light, created through masterful use of line.

3 thoughts on “Master Study : The Art of Albrecht Dürer

  1. When examining these art work, my eyes are caught by the shadows of the drawings. The shadows make the drawings pop out and most importantly the lines give the drawing more value and depth.The quality of light is shown throughout each drawing and also shading. These techniques I will definitely use in my drawings.

  2. Albrecht Durers work is amazing , looking at the pieces shown here that he had created. He gives a Sense of depth,value , contrast, strong lines strokes and curves to create form. Knowing Durer was a printmaker the process to finish a piece like this would take up a lot of time. I’m starting to realize and appreciate the work artist llike him put out there for people to see and acknowledge.

  3. Albrecht Dürer work is amazing, but just by looking at them makes me dizzy with all the details that we accomplished! I cannot do that with so little time I have… but i hope I can get to be as good as Albrecht Dürer.

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