Life Drawing in New York

Since we are in New York City artists have many options to improve their life drawing skills聽by drawing聽from a model outside of this class. 聽Most of these options offer a student rate. Practicing our craft is VITAL. 聽Take advantage of the resources in our city!



The New York Society of Illustrators is an incredible resource for up and coming commercial artists. 聽The sketch night is a great way to get to know this institution. 聽Its lively with great models,live music, pro illustrators, and often comes with FOOD! 聽This one is wonderful and is the cheapest option I’ve found.

3 thoughts on “Life Drawing in New York

  1. I really like the line works and the content that the artist used in this watercolor. It’s great that the author used less color in this. I can actually see “Life in New York” from this work of art.

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