Week Four Classwork

Today’s Plan

Warm UP Activity: 


Warm UP Activity: Strike a Pose! : 

Gesture Drawings This time try to capture the ESSENCE of the pose in 2 minute drawings of your classmates.  Try active, extreme poses. Try to draw the VERB of what they are doing, as opposed to the NOUN, i.e. a person.  Feel free to MOVE AROUND THE ROOM.  Try sitting higher or lower.  (15min)

Remember… begin by going from BIG to SMALL, GESTURE FIRST, Inside to Out


Look at the Sketchbook Pages on Openlab (10 min)

As a group Discuss:

  • Are any particularly successful?
  • Is anyone having trouble with any part of the assignment?


ASSIGNMENT 3 CRITIQUE 2 10 minute drawings

Review the Anatomical Landmarks(Website Landmarks) Note how certain structures push up and are visible under the skin. These marks are like road signs clearly guiding us as to what is happening inside the pose.


BREAK – (15 min)

DIscuss and DEMO FORCE or Big Flow

Volume Drawing : Building on the Gesture Drawing

Activity : Draw 5 minute poses of your classmates, building on the manakin frame with

Muscular Markers

Simplified Anatomy

In class Assignment : Drawing of one of the the manakins or skeletons.

While drawing begin as you would with a human being, by going from BIG to SMALL, Inside to OUT.

Using the simplified anatomy method, draw in each muscle group where you think it should appear.

Close Class (15 min)


Close Class (15 min)