Week 8 Classwork

Today’s Plan

Warm UP Activity: 

Warm UP Activity: 1 minute – 5 minute Drawings from the model

Remember… begin by going from BIG to SMALL, GESTURE FIRST, Inside to Out

Pay careful note to the HEAD.  Where is the Center line?  Where is the model looking?

  • Discuss Perspective and Tonality in drawing the Head 

(Hand out Mike Matessi)

BREAK – (15 min) 

3 Different in Class Activities Happen at the SAME TIME!

  1. Work in class Assignment:  Using Measurement Guides and Photo Reference, Draw a self portrait.  Use dramatic lighting and distinct shadow shapes.
  2. Individual Portfolio REVIEWS :  of your best drawings
  3. Tonal Head Studies of the Model 


NEW Assignment 8 : Pose reference Study – Series of Photos pose guide. Bring in next week use in Class (2 week project)   Hint: Feel free to use props etc. and Interact with the environment.  

Buy Toned Paper for next weeks class and HW!

Close Class (15 min)