WEEK 3 Classwork

Today’s Plan

Warm UP Activity: As Many Marks as possible!

On an 18 by 24 sheet of newsprint, mark as many different kind of marks as possible.  Try using every tool you have.  Try holding them in different ways.  Try using a different part of the tool.  Try a different hand pressure.  Try a different kind of line.


Review Contour, Line Weight ,Texture and Emphasis (Look at Egon Sheile)

Warm UP Activity: Strike a Pose! : 

5 minute drawings in groups of 4 take turns modeling

Remember to Construct each drawing from large shapes to small, start with the movable masses.

Look at the Sketchbook Pages on Openlab (10 min)

As a group Discuss:

  • Are any particuarly successful?
  • Is anyone having trouble with any part of the assignment?

Activity #1 : Photo trace movable masses (Website: Photo trace demo)

Discuss what this was like with class.  Review Movable masses. Try to replicate the activity in class.

Students select 5 different photos of people from those provided. Carefully trace the Movable masses. Consider what you just learned about proportions as you do this.
Discuss Drawing the Human Body from BIG to SMALL. Start with the head to the spine, then hang the Large Masses, paying careful attention to their direction.

ASSIGNMENT 2 CRITIQUE Human Skeleton Diagram

Review Proportion while looking at Human Skeleton


BREAK – (15 min)

Discuss the Anatomical Landmarks(Website Landmarks) Note how certain structures push up and are visible under the skin. These marks are like road signs clearly guiding us as to what is happening inside the pose.

Discuss Drawing the Human as a Manakin(Website Loomis) Note how it is a formula for what we just figured out together from studying human anatomy.

Activity #2: X-ray Vision! Pretending you  have x ray eyes, create 5 minute Drawings of your classmates in extreme poses as manakins.  (30 min)

DISCUSS Balance, Rhythm, Line of Action, Gesture Drawing, Lines of Force, Contrapposto

Activity #4: Gesture Drawings This time try to capture the ESSENCE of the pose in 5 minute drawings of your classmates.  Try active, extreme poses. Try to draw the VERB of what they are doing, as opposed to the NOUN, i.e. a person.  Feel free to MOVE AROUND THE ROOM.  Try sitting higher or lower.  (30 min)

Remember… begin by going from BIG to SMALL, GESTURE FIRST, Inside to Out.


Close Class (15 min)