WEEK 2 – Classwork

Sept 1 | Week 2 

Introduction to Human Anatomy/Skelton, Proportions Continue, Axis of Human Body, Introduction to Anatomical Landmarks, Movable Masses


Work In Class:

Warm Up Activity: Warm Up: The Exquisite Corpse in groups of 4 (20 min)

Class Introductions

Each group of 4 Discusses:

  • What is one thing I’m passionate about?
  • What is one thing I can do so well that I could teach someone else to do it too?

Each group of 4 Shows:

Their exquisite corpse drawing.

Each Student introduces another member of their group with one fact about them.

Look at Meet the artist pages (10 min)

As a group Discuss:

  • What is something you have in common with your classmate?
  • What to you find interesting or unexpected about your classmate?

Review Contour, Line Weight ,Texture and Emphasis

Activity #2 : 4 Hand Studies ( 15 min)

  • Activity: Blind Contour Drawing of your Hand
  • Activity: Drawing from Continuous Observation
  • Activity: Contour Drawing of your Hand

ASSIGNMENT 1 CRITIQUE Human Proportions Diagram

BREAK – (15 min)

Discuss Proportion while looking at Human Skeleton

Discuss Movable Masses – (Website: Bridgeman Guide)

Demo Drawing the Human Body from BIG to SMALL. (Use a student as a model.) Start with the head to the spine, then hang the Large Masses, paying careful attention to their direction. Review 3-d shapes and sketch cubes and prisms.
Movable masses are 3D- objects in space. Sketch them as you would sketch blocks which fit together. Then use what we have learned about the skeleton and joints to draw the interior body frame.


Activity #4 : Strike a Pose! 5 minute drawings in groups of 4 take turns modeling

Construct each drawing from large shapes to small, start wit h the movable masses.

Activity #3 : human skeleton sheet (Website: Synovial Joints) (teams may use their phones for this exercise)

In groups of 4 Discuss:

1- Work in teams to identify movable masses and joints. Work from big to small. Start with large masses and the points which dictate overall body position.   Do they all move the same way? What kind of connections are they?

2- On your Skeleton Sheet Mark Down The Movable Masses, then the Joints your group feels dictate overall body position, name them and note the kind of joint.

3- On your Skeleton Sheet Mark Down the Bone Structures your group feels are most important to know given the overall goal is to draw from BIG to SMALL, name them and note the kind of joint.


Come Back together and label all the parts we found on our sheets.

 Close Class (15 min)