Museum Tour and Final Project

Hello class-

We will enter museum together and from that point can split into groups based on interest.  Remember we are looking to draw the human figure in a setting.  Good galleries for this would be those featuring sculpture of the human form.  Greek and Roman, European Arts and Sculpture, and Asian art all are good choices.  You may choose to combine any design elements you see or feel inspired by, as long as you make it look realistic.  Remember you’ll be drawing on toned paper “.

Take the time in each gallery to view the work, and read the information written about the work. Then shoot reference photos to prepare yourself for drawing your final project at home.

Remember your final project is a drawing of a location of your choice including at least one human figure, and incorporating design elements of your choice.  The final result can be fantastical or totally realistic, but you must use perspective, a full range of value, as well as all of the skills we learned in class to create a sense of realism. It should be drawn at your highest level of finish.

Take time in each gallery to plan your composition. Take photos of all the details you plan to draw.

Finally post a photo of yourself in location you will be drawing along with a quick sketch ( approximately 4″x5″) of your composition, and write a short blog post explaining why you chose that location, to OPENLAB.

This is due for review by the morning 12/ 7, 9 am latest.

Be sure to bring your reference photos and work in progress to class on 12/8.