Assignment 8


Assignment 8 : Dramatic Self Portrait : Using your measurement guide from Assignment 7, coupled with careful observation and good reference,  complete the self portrait you began in class.  Be sure to use dramatic lighting and a full range of value.

If you need more Reference Begin by Shooting that!  Shoot MORE reference than you need.  Begin by photographing Front, Side, and 3/4 views of the Head.  But also shoot a few more interesting views and expressions, for a total of 6 reference images.  Bring ALL of these to class next week!

HINT:  Print LARGE IMAGES using the FULL PAGE. Use dramatic lighting and distinct shadow shapes to create visual  interest and to make the image easier to draw.

  • Be sure you have access to the drawing guides you received in class before you begin.
  • Take clear photos level to your face for the guide.
  • Be sure to use dramatic lighting and distinct shadow shapes for the 3 additional images.
  • You should work at the same scale as your printed photo reference.
  • You MUST NOT TRACE the reference!!!